Remote Deposit

Your Tidelands Personal Banker is ready to visit your business, install your machine, and show you how to put checks right into your account, right from your desk.*

  •  Make deposits from your desktop – no more rushing to get to the bank before closing or making after-hours night deposits
  • Save money by spending more time at your business working on your business
  • Speed up your cash flow – deposits are immediately credited to your account**
  • A Personal Banker will help install the machine and train you and your staff on the use of the system. If you ever have any questions, you can always contact your Personal Banker


We’ll provide the standard remote deposit equipment free of charge when:

  •  You open a Tidelands Business Checking account, and
  • Keep an average collected balance of $10,000.00 or more in the account, otherwise a monthly fee will apply


* Subject to approval.

**Deposits made after 3PM on business days will be posted the following business day. Deposits subject to delays in availability under Regulation CC.

***If you should require an upgraded version of the remote deposit equipment, we will provide a credit of $600.00 toward an upgraded machine.

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