How We Keep Your Information & Accounts Safe and Secure

Your trust is vitally important to us at Tidelands Bank.  We take great care to protect your financial information and assets, and to keep your information confidential.  We have a strong Information Security Policy that is approved by our Board of Directors.  They provide oversight on how we perform under that policy to make sure your information is protected.  This is also an area that the banking regulators review regularly.  We have also adopted a strong code of conduct and regularly train our employees on ethical behavior and expected performance regarding information security and customer privacy.  We maintain physical, electronic and procedural controls in place to ensure your information is protected.  These controls are tested by our internal and external auditors for adequacy and effectiveness.

Our network and information technology security program provides for protection in the form of anti-virus protection, firewalls, secure e-mail, and layered online banking authentication.  This is all designed to provide you with maximum protection and assurance that your information and assets are as safe as we can make them.